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Latest threats

Latest threats classified as malicious.
  URL IP GEO Threat
2016-10-01 15:41:27 http://213V219V157V214V97V151V208V144V165V155V169V220V206V197V158V171V146 ...154V147V94V149V102V102V143V146V105V106V101V151V149TRXPL/Def.DM.90_123
2016-10-01 15:41:26 http://197V195V150V215V148V166V198V142V159V151V170V206V204V202V103V165V204V201V196 ...150V144V97V151V103V98V146V148V101V100V104V154V155IRSCRIPT.Virus
2016-10-01 15:41:24 http://202V208V163V215V148V160V205V143V148V158V172V223V204V216V103V155V210V206V146 ...149V146V94V148V100V103V143V146V99V110V101V151V151V153NLAdware.Downloader.BY
2016-10-01 15:41:23 http://203V195V155V200V167V161V214V211V147V158V100V213V211V206V162V166V200V143V198 ...151V153V94V149V101V107V143V146V106V104V101V151V154V153USJS.IFrame.680
2016-10-01 15:41:20 http://198V213V157V200V165V149V205V197V147V107V111V159V147V197V168V165V146V206V210 ...146V155V104V145V101V103V143V150V98V100V104V151V158USJS.IFrame.575
2016-10-01 15:41:15 http://216V197V162V220V163V168V143V196V161V163V102V154V204V200V164V167V196V218V210 ...146V155V99V145V100V100V150V143V100V106V103V148V150V148V113LVXPL/Gen.V.156_96
2016-10-01 15:41:08 http://216V217V167V145V152V151V205V194V166V165V169V215V146V214V161V153V204V143V198 ...146V147V105V145V104V109V143V146V100V102V101V151V155THJS/TrojanDownloader.FakejQuery.Atrojan
2016-10-01 15:41:07 http://216V197V162V220V163V168V143V196V161V163V102V188V214V205V108V176V169V203V216 ...146V155V99V145V100V100V150V143V100V106V103V148V150V148V113LVXPL/Gen.V.156_96
2016-10-01 15:41:07 http://216V217V167V145V150V173V195V198V164V161V169V199V208V209V176V102V211V205V146 ...154V147V94V148V101V101V143V147V99V111V101V151V149V146BEJS/TrojanDownloader.FakejQuery.Atrojan
2016-10-01 15:41:07 http://195V212V145V204V161V171V194V211V151V159V171V148V200V209V166V103V213V198V198 ...147V146V96V145V104V108V143V146V99V103V101V151V152ARTrojan.JS.Iframe.aeq

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What does 'scumware' mean ?
Collective term for software that performs unwanted activity on user's computer like malware, potential unwanted applications (PUA), spying/tracking software, etc.

How do these addresses appear on this website ?
Addresses listed on this site were sent by Internet users or were found in malware during the analysis.

How is threat determined ?
All pages are scanned with multiple antivirus programs and analyzed by dedicated tools.

Is the process of putting of the addresses on this site automatic ?
Yes, all the addresses on this website are placed by tools.

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