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Before you proceed with removal

Find out how your files have been uploaded or tampered.

Evaluate the logs where you can find trace to all modified and uploaded files.

Apply all required patches for your blog and CMS software.

Check your computer for possible malicious software.

Change all passwords.

Make sure you have removed the malicious content from your website.

Check other files for possible backdoors and Perl/PHP/Python shells.

Scan all files on server with antivirus software.

Rules of removals

You can send one removal request of the same domain per week.

Usually the requests are processed within 24hrs - 72hrs.

If any threat was found in the last 24hrs then your request will be rejected.

If additional scan reveals unlisted threats then your request will be rejected.

Before delisting false positive make sure that no antivirus software detects it.

Removals form

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